Friday, 30 September 2011

28) My summer vacation

    My Summer Vacation.
    Me and my parents and my little shadow of a sister, she’s 10, went to Bermuda for Summer Vacation. We flew in three types of planes. First a big 757 then a Boeing Rumrunner, then a little Cessna which was very loud.
    When we landed at the airport huge black clouds were rolling in. There was a man at the luggage desk with a card with our names on it. He had a mustache and fancy sun glasses. He took us to our hotel in a big black limousine. And just as we were getting the room key, an actual metal key, it started to rain really hard.
    Mom and Dad had their hands full with the luggage and with my sister so we got a porter to help out. He was a big black person with a nice smile and he smelled like coconut. He had really white nails and big hands. I showed him my drivers permit and he laughed and said it was a very good thing to drive.
    After a few minutes of torrential downpour the rain stopped and the sun came out really really bright right as we were getting into our bungalow. Mom paid the porter and Dad fish out the paperback book he had been reading on the plane. Mom fell on to the bed, exhausted and told me and sister to go play in traffic or something and we all laughed.
    Sister found a weird little magnetic sculpture of metal hearts and was playing with that. I found an old book, but it was in French with all those weird accents on the letters so I couldn’t read it. We ordered Chinese and went mushroom hunting with out torches.
    Mom found a huge one. We wouldn’t be able to eat it for another year. You soak it in salt or lie or something. I tasted a little of its milky blood after I asked if it was okay, it was really spicy. I tried to spit it out and everyone laughed.
    We took the mushrooms back home and washed the ones we could eat after cooking. Then for dessert Mom and Dad let Sis butcher the human for dessert. She was so nervous. It was her first time, but everyone said it was delicious. I thought it was same same.
    Then we played games in the parlor. Daddy kept losing.
    I admit it, I got tired first. Then we all went to sleep.
    I got up early, like always, and am finishing writing this. Today we’re going to the mercury sea and visit grandma. And then back home again.
    Ok. Goodbye.

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