Monday, 19 September 2011

17) Eric Shadow

    During the first act of ‘La Integnia’, a boring play his caster had been chided into going to, Eric the shadow decided to try out his new spell. He had a big errand to run and not much time to do it in.    Eric whispered the word of power, and the world turned grey around him as it froze. He’d heard that walking between moments would be like this, but he was still startled at the effect. All the people in the audience looked dead and covered in ash. But some were caught in mid cough with wide distended cheeks. His caster, a portly man named Fredris was in he middle of a blink and looked asleep.
    Eric pulled himself off of Fredris and slid around the theatre, the only dark object in a world of flat and lifeless grey.
    He was about to head towards the exit when a sparkle caught his eye. He turned back to face it. A small bright metallic something was sitting on the middle of the stage between the frozen actors in mid song. He slid down to it and saw that it was a a small golden key. He didn’t remember if the witch he had bought the spell from had told him about bringing objects over from the in-between moment. He shrugged and took the key with him, folded into his darkness.
    He proceeded to leave the theatre and slid down to midtown and the main legal library there. A large set of scales in bronze sculpture were set out in front of the entrance. Even though both plates were empty the scale was unbalanced. Eric wondered if that was a mistake or a comment on the base unfairness of life.
    He slid under the large glass door and walked past a frozen patron checking out a tall stack of books. Eric went to the locked off old reference section. He scoured the shelves quickly, searching and eventually finding the one he was looking for, “A Consequence of Light” by Incipio Chamadol. He pulled it off the shelf and the key began to buzz.

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