Wednesday, 21 September 2011

19) Bee Midden

    When the yellow and blue Surinta bee comes to the end of its life, fourteen thousand metric hours after emerging from its cocoon, to the minute, it leaves its hive and using the morning shadows cast by its planet’s binary suns flies off towards its hive’s midden.
    There, the elderly bee, using its powerful jaws will clip off the ends of its legs. Now, we all know that Surinta bees are poisonous, but what you may not know is that their toxic blood is a powerful binding agent, like a biological super glue.
    As the bee quickly bleeds to death its body plates freeze in place and like coral the hive’s midden grows just a little more. Recently its been found that the mysterious Cronk Towers at the bottom of the Yar sea are actually ancient Bee death middens thousands of meters high and millions of years old.

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