Wednesday, 14 September 2011

13) King Fish Betrayl

    Once upon a time there was a King named Fish, who was in fact a fish. He lived in a small castle on a hill. He was neither a particularly good king nor a particularly bad king. He mostly just sat around and tried not to make too many enemies.
    His one true enemy was his servant Turtle. Turtle was of course a turtle, not a tortoise, this being a water based kingdom. Turtle wasn’t mad at the fish king for any particular reason, some people just want power for its own sake. To secure his power Turtle had arranged for certain conspirators to assist him. To this end Turtle duplicated the royal skeleton key. The fish King was a forgetful fellow and ordered that all of his locks be accessible by one key. I never said he was a particularly smart fellow.
    So, by the light of the moon, Turtle took his duplicate key and dropped it out of the Eastern portcullis and it landed behind the agreed upon bush. Hours later, unbeknownst to the castle guards (who had been bribed to be on the wrong side of the castle) Turtle’s masked conspirator,  Fred, a disgruntled fish, found the royal skeleton key and made his way to the royal landing strip.
    Fred sat patiently behind the chain link fence and cranked his electromagnet for all it was worth. After a tiring few minutes the light flashed on that the battery was at full capacity. He flipped a switch to test it and the magnet immediately clung to the metal fence. He quickly shut it off and hid behind a bush.
    A mechanical guard, commissioned by the King to patrol his sensitive areas that were flat, came trundling by to where it heard the noise. Quick thinking Fred flipped on his electromagnet and carefully tossed it over the fence. The magnet hit the guard square on the head and stopped him cold. Fred scurried up and over the fence, only scraping himself a little on his left fin.
    He ran over to the guard, turned him off, took out his winding key and threw it as far as he could over the fence. That done Fred pulled out the King’s skeleton key, walked to the King’s Leer Jet, let himself it and started the plane. He knew that the king always kept the plane fueled up, just in case of an emergency.

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