Saturday, 1 October 2011

29) Tino Helps

    Joseph hung on tight to the falling star. They crashed through layer after layer of atmosphere. The heat generated was amazing, but still within limits. As they neared the five mile mark Joseph gave the burning rock a kiss and jumped off. He slowed quickly and the meteorite flew on and broke up in a beautiful spray of sparks and ionized gasses.
    As he was heading back to the Van Allen belt to grab another asteroid in his link rang. He alighted on a passing communications satellite and connected to his caller.
    There was a slight pause and a mechanical voice came on, “This is the voice of Operations. Dear ghost number seven-aught-slash-slash-nine-alpha your provisional license to haunt has been suspended due to technical circumstances. No appeal will be entertained. Please see your adjunct supervisor for assistance in this matter.” Click.
    Joseph was dumbstruck. He rode that satellite for hours, screaming and crying into space. But no one could hear him. Eventually he gathered up his protoplasm and headed back home to the dark side of the moon. By the time he got home he was resigned to his fate.
    He landed on the moon and crept down into his crystal lair. The quartz comforted him enough that he could trust his voice not to break when he called his supervisor. The hard edges and angles reminded him of the white light.
    He took a moment, focused on the other ghost’s scent, and the line opened. It rang a few times and the Rainbow Beetle God Tinalhiuk picked up.
    “Click click buzz?” Tinalhiuk said.
    “Hey Tino, it’s Joseph.” Joseph said.
    “Buzz buzz.”
    “It’s okay. No, not really. Operations just called and told me my haunting license was revoked.”
    “Buzz whirr click click click.”
    “I know, right? But it should be okay. I can just appeal in thirteen months, right?”
    “Click buzz, buzz buzz.”
    “If you think they could help, yea, that’d be great.”
    “Buzz buzz, chirrup.”
    “Thanks a lot Tino, I’d really appreciate it. You’re the best.”
    “Buzz click.”
    “Ok, bye, thanks!” And they hung up.
    Joseph was ecstatic. Tino had said he knew some spores high up in the Operations network that could maybe get a vote of no-confidence on his suspension and get a technical appeal. Now all he had to do was wait.
    He sighed and crawled in between the craggy crystals and hummed along with their vibrations as he waited for Tino’s friends to do their stuff.

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