Saturday, 10 September 2011

9) Diary

Day 47
I Woke with dew. I used my bow and arrow to shoot down a sting tail. She fell down to the darkness.

Day 48
Monsoon gave last breath. Saw double sky wing shell. No food.

Day 53
Fungus fell from sky. Will investigate. Found past ripe green fruits and got drunk. I wish brood mates where here to share the sweet drink with.

Day 71
On a flake skin tree I smelled marks from other tribe. Will be careful. Did not leave own mark and will hold waste for a day.

Day 77
I finally found the fallen sky fungus. It was holding a rare shell-less giant four leg. Will investigate. I have only heard of them in childhood stories.

Day 78
When I got to the site the four leg was already dead and claimed by little black soldiers. The ones who usually nest down in the darkness. They truly are god and everywhere. I was able to sneak in and cut off some strands from the four leg’s head as trophy. It wasn’t actually shell-less. It had a soft shell all around its body. It had such strange eyes.

Day 91
After falling asleep watching the stars for several days in a row I came down with wing itch and had to start fire to burn it out. It hurt more than Shaman said it would. Hopefully I will not have to fly until next molt.

Day 103
The sky was covered in clouds. I watched lightning people dance over the canopy. My circle it almost complete. I miss my mate. I miss my brood.

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