Wednesday, 7 September 2011

6) Magic Die

    As the sun was setting George was walking along the beach, deep in though. His life was in shambles. Sure he had a job, serving the thankless rich. Sure he had an apartment, a studio flat on the seventh floor. Sure he had a girlfriend, and their empty conversations and loveless sex.    He looked back the way he’d come and saw his single trail of foot prints in the sand lead back to the grass covered dunes. He looked up into the cloudless pink and purple sky. A single star, Venus, he corrected himself, shown steady and bright.
    He held his breath and he closed his eyes and said in his mind ‘Please, whatever is up there, just one chance to change, let me get out of this place.’
    As if in answer a metorite shot across the sky underlining Venus.
    George smiled and just then his alarm went off. His hour break was up and he’d have to get back to work. He jogged back up the way he’d come. Up the beach, across the grass covered dunes, across the ancient stone bridge crosssing the river, and back to the 13th century castle. There were no gaudy neon signs or spotlights, but the Castle was a big deal to those who knew. Run by an old stage magician who went by ‘Mr. Chaos’ it served only the classiest of the rich. The building its self had been moved to St. Marin brick by brick. Night had fully fallen and all the old incandescent lights had been turned on. They shone orange and sickly light on the cold grey bricks.
    George entered through the servants entrance in the back.
    “Hey George, here.” He heard from behind him. George turned around to see Mr. Chaos himself with his hand outstreched in a fist.
    George did a double take, bewildered, not sure what to say. He made an akward bow and said, “How can I help you, sir?” His heart beat double time in his chest.
    “Take my gift and say ‘thank you’.” Mr. Chaos said and smiled.
    “Uh, sure, yes, of course.” George noticed again that Mr. Chaos’s hand was still outstreched as if he was going to drop something. George put out his own hands, not sure how big the gift was.
    Mr. Chaos dropped something small into George’s hand and what felt like a bold of electricty shot up his arm. His fist clenched at it involuntarily. He was able to sputter out “Thank you, sir.”
    Mr. Chaos smiled and gave a wink, “Use it madly.” He turned around and walked away down the stone hallway.
    George stood there for a full minute with his arm streched out until his hand began to cramp up. He forced it to relax and then he looked at what Mr. Chaos had given him.
    It was a single casino die, just like the ones they used on the other side of the stone walls. George picked it up with his other hand and carefully inspected it. Yes, the same large circular white dots, sharp corners, and made of the same transparent red plastic.

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