Friday, 2 September 2011

2) Aaron's Story

Once upon a Spring Saturday night Gaia Scout Troop 389 was sitting around their camp fire eating their dessert apples and telling scary stories about people who never separated their trash from their recyclables. It turns out it was all orchestrated by and evil shadowy force that crept into the people’s lives through the televisions while they were off, but still plugged in.
    The youngest of the Troop, Aaron Miller excused himself from the circle of boys around the fire and went a few yards into the dark forest to make water. As he was peeing he heard a sound, looked around and up in the tree he saw a ghastly white face looking back down at him. He screamed, pulled up his trousers, and high tailed it back to the camp fire.
    Poor Aaron hung onto their Troop Leader Warren Ellsworth III and gibbered incoherently. Warren comforted him and got out the story eventually. Knowing that its best to face ones fears Warren took young Aaron by the hand and with his flashlight he lead him back to the place with the scary face.
    When he trained his beam up into the branches Warren gave out a yelp. This brought the rest of the Troop from the fire and soon enough they were all staring at the parachuter’s corpse up in the tree.
Later in his life, when Aaron wrote his memoirs he would say that was the beginning of his lifelong fight with his fear of parachutes.

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