Monday, 24 October 2011

51) End Clock

    Do you remember where you were when the count down started? Of course you do, everyone does. It’s more of a conversation starter in these last days than a sincere question. We all just want our story to be heard before the end.
    I had just gotten my permanent wand license and was cavorting around town like a child on my newly enchanted broom. I had just passed this cute girl in a giant scarab, she was on her phone chatting away, when the boom came. You remember that sound like a giant exploding chime? Some people weren’t outside when the boom came and they didn’t get the full effect. I was outside and believe me, it was intense and I nearly soiled myself. It wasn’t just a boom, I guess. There was more to it. Sure, it’s been analyzed to death on the TV and online, but whatever. If you were there you knew what it really felt like. It was like a church organ going off full stop, like a million wind chimes all being dropped at the same time.
    Thankfully all my broom safety training was still in mind and I pulled up without thinking and off to the side of the freeway, along with everyone else. I barely dodged a semi-truck and a dozen wild scarabs until I got to the nearest off ramp. I heard collisions all the way back for miles and kept going, trying to find some place safe. Finally I zoomed into town and landed next to a dry fountain.
    My first thought was to curse my mom who had insisted I didn’t take my cell phone lest I be temped to use it while I flew. Well, now I couldn’t call her to make sure she was okay. Little did I know that none of us were going to be okay.
    I sat there on the fountain for a few moments until noticed that it was a little too quiet. Sure there were screeching tires and the occasional crash, but I guess I had expected screaming and crying and explosions like we were under attack, I don’t know who from, but it felt like what a battle zone should be. I looked around and everyone was frozen, moms with strollers and joggers and business men were all looking up. I followed their gaze and it all became clear. The giant clock face.
    You’ve seen it, I don’t have to describe it. Ten times the size of the sun, semi transparent, no numbers, three hands, and set to midnight. Well, a few minutes to midnight. What I want to know is why the thin hand is minutes, the big hand is hours, and the little hand is days. That’s just weird. Why wasn’t it digital?
    So, yeah, giant clock in the sky going backwards. What a trip, right? Although if you were looking down from space it would be going the right way.
    When I finally got home it was dark. Everyone else was there and we were up all night trying to figure out what was going on. We still are, aren’t we? Trying to figure out what it’s counting down to, where it came from, and if it’s going away. I mean, this is totally better than the time the Wizard Pirate Camille painted her face on the moon, man, that was crazy.
    So, where were you when the count down started?

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