Saturday, 8 October 2011

37) Jake the Fish

    Once upon a time there was a fish named Jake. This poor fish had questions. Too many questions. Fish at his age, just a few months, rarely had any questions at all they just did and went as they were told. But Jake saw the world through different eyes, for whatever reason, for a while.
    So, unsatisfied with the answers he was getting from his fish teachers and parents he did what any alienated youth does, he went out to explore the great wide world. He moved to a stream.
    It wasn’t much of a world, but after his first day there he heard of these creatures called humans, great gangly things like piles of fish walking around together. He heard from a crayfish that the humans tended to walk by a certain area of the river called the bridge. He didn’t know what that was, but he now had a chance at knowing, of finding answers from the humans.
    Jake made it to the bridge the next day at sunrise and spent the whole next day there, feeding off of mayflies and mosquitoes, not great food, but it sustained him. He stayed there for another day at the bridge getting more anxious and doubtful that the crayfish really knew what he was talking about.     Eventually he got so hungry he called up for pizza with his little fishy cell phone. Mmm, anchovies and turtle meat, his favorite. As Jake enjoyed his pizza and carbonated beverage his father’s offer of work in the family business started to seem less of a chore, the humans certainly weren’t any help.
    The next day Jake put on his best fish suit and showed up unannounced at his father’s office, “F.P. Hunifluff Esq. VP of Merchandising ”
    “Jake, what’re you doing here?” His father Frank said.
    “I’m here to sell Snails, if you’ll let me.”
    They swam up to each other and embraced. For weeks Frank had been sad that his son had run away and wouldn’t be helping out in the family business, but this, he’d never expected.
    “Oh, Jake,” his father said, “You’ve made me the happiest fish in the river!”

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