Tuesday, 15 November 2011

73) Haunted House

    From a pitch black sky lightning flashed. Thunder roared immediately after and a group of three kids shook in their shoes watching the show from a block away.
    “Yeah, I’m not going in.” Brady said and backed up a step. “You can shove your dare where the sun don’t shine.”
    “Ha, you scared?” Terrance asked and made crying motions with his fists on his face.
    “Pssft, I saw you jump too.” Sharon said and elbowed Terrance in the ribs.
    Lightning flashed and thunder rolled again. Sharon grabbed onto both of the boys’ arms and squeezed. They looked at each other and nodded simultaneously. Without another word they walked down the street towards the old Governor’s mansion.
    Sharon released the boys and skipped a little then ran ahead of them. The two boys looked at each other then raced to follow her. They arrived at the gate just a moment behind her and rattled the chain link fence with their weight.
    Brady pulled out an candy bar from his backpack and bit into it.
    “How can you eat at a time like this?” Sharon said.
    “What? I’m hungry. Being scared messes with my blood sugar.”
    “Hey, guys, look!” Terrance exclaimed and pointed to the house.
    “What?” Sharon and Brady said together.
    Terrance grabbed the candy bar from Brady’s hand and tossed it over the fence and into the yard.
    “I hate you.” Brady said and hit Terrance in the arm.
    Terrance just laughed.

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