Monday, 14 November 2011

71) Detention

    Jerry wiggled and squirmed under my arm, but I wasn’t letting him go. It had taken a good half hour to catch him that last time and that was with the whole class chasing after him. Anyway, it was cold and snowy out and his wooly coat warmed me up a little since I was just wearing a t-shirt.
    I looked up at the receptionist at her desk, a full human, asian and really old.
    She said, “Yes?”
    Jerry continued to squirm.
    “My friend here transmogrified himself.” I had his wand in my back pocket next to mine. I was sure nether of them would do us any good. The spell reversal was way over our heads, we weren’t even supposed to know that one he had used.
    “Didn’t you know that was a stupid thing to do?” She peered at me over her horned rimmed glasses.
    “I know, I’m sorry, I kinda dared him.”
    “You dared him?” I’d seen that look plenty of times before. It was the I-can’t-believe-you-really-did-that look.
    “…” I bowed my head. Pain and embarrassment kept me quiet a little too late.
    She stared at me for a few seconds, maybe trying to figure out how stupid we really were. “Fine, bring him into the nurse’s office.” She eventually relented and waved us back further in the teacher’s building.
    “Baaa..” Jerry finally said.
    We walked to the nurse’s office and I we sat on the paper covered bench to wait. I put Jerry down next to me, but kept a firm grip on him. Strangely he didn’t seem as skittish here. I glanced around the room at all the posters of naked humans and dragons and elfs and orcs with transparent guts and labels floating next to their bodies. Funny we can all go to school and treat each other the same and yet be so different on the inside.
    The door opened and Jerry startled, but I kept a good hold on him. In came our school nurse, a hefty half orc. She pulled up a robust stool and sat directly across from us. I sat there nervously and tried not to stare at her stubby tusks pointing out a little bit from her mouth.
    “Hi, I’m afraid we haven’t met. I’m Lucille. Your school nurse, obviously.” She said and giggled, “What’s your name?”
    “I’m uh, Viktor Croce.” I stuttered. I was thinking of the Orc villains on my favorite cartoon shows. But that was dumb, this was the nurse and she was there to help. Her laugh was kind of cute and her tusks weren’t even that big.
    She said, “So, what’s his name?”
    “Jerry. He turned himself into a sheep.”
    “Baaa…” Jerry said.
    Lucille laughed and I couldn’t help but join her.
    “So, Viktor, why don’t you leave Jerry here with me and I’ll see what I can do, ok?”
    “Sure. Ok, great. Thank you.” I handed him over and left.
    I turned the corner to go back to class and bumped into the Dean Stolux. Around campus dragons are required to keep their wings in at all times and wear a shrinking amulet. But even with the amulet the Dean was taller than the Girl’s P.E. teacher and twice as wide.
    “Well well, Viktor Croce.”
    “I hear you dared another student to transmogrify himself in a mirror?”
    “Yes sir.”
    He shook his big scaly head. “Here.”
    He handed me a pink detention slip. I didn’t have a chance to look at the dates on it before he coughed and said, “Your parents have already been notified. Now be a good child and go directly to the Library.”
    “Thank you, sir.”
    He leaned back into the wall and gave me enough room to just squeeze by. I shoved the detention slip in my pocket and nearly ran out of the teacher’s building.

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