Sunday, 6 November 2011

63) Justice Melody

    Justice Melody put her pet sheep on the soft grass floor and let the little fuzz ball run around the office. She pulled up to her terminal and her sheep ran over to the waterfall in the corner of the office and lapped at it enthusiastically.
    Several boring hours went by as Melody worked her morning shift triaging cases: sending them up to higher justices, tossing them out, or adjucating them herself and sending them off for confirmation. Her sheep, Mildred, ate some oats and went to sleep.
    Just like every day at 12:30 Justice Melody’s stomach grumbled. And unlike every other day her phone buzzed. She’d talked to her mother the night before and her father was fine. She wasn’t delinquent on any work related responsibilities. As she fished her terminal out of her purse her mind continued to whirr as to who could be calling. The display said “Chaos” and a happy little buzz surged up the back of her neck. “No way.” She said and laughed.
    She answered the phone, “Hello, Justice Melody.”
    “Hello, uh, this is Chaos David.” the voice on the other line stammered.
    “Are you the guy I saw in the elevator this morning?”
    “Here, give me a second. I have to read this.”
    “Sure, sure.” She said, stifling a giggle.
    “You are hereby detained from your normal course of your day. All of your normal rights and privileges are suspended for the remainder of the day. You are now a secret agent of chaos and as such should meet me for lunch at the Japanese place on Sweden block in concourse seven.”
    “That last bit, I don’t think that’s in the script.” She said, smiling.
    “Say, an hour from now?”
    “Compliance, Chaos David.” She clicked closed her terminal. She turned to her sheep who was dozing horizontally in the corner clapped her hands and said “Mildred!” The sheep popped up and trotted over to her mummy. Melody nuzzled her soft wooled body and Mildred closed her eyes.
    “Mamma’s gotta go away for a little bit. You think you’ll be okay here?”
    Mildred looked up with her soft dewy eyes and bleated in response.
    “Good good little one.” She said and gave Mildred a good scratch on the chin. She took her terminal back out and called the secretary and a couple friends in her department telling them she’d have to be out for the rest of the day and to kindly come in a keep Mildred company ever hour or so. Sure, no problem, they all said.
    With a smile Melody slipped out of her office and back out on to the concourse.

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