Thursday, 1 December 2011

85) Snoot the Faery

    Snoot dragged the last of the crab apples back to his tree, he pulled down his well worn glamour over the doorway and fell into an exhausted heap on his sweet sweet quarry. This pile of fruit would net him at the market many many gold pieces as human world fruit is always a delicacy. 
    As he slept he dreamt, and he dreamt of the human world. He was a businessman with meetings to go to and important calls to make on his cell phone. He had an expensive car and a beautiful wife in this terrifying dream.
    Just as his boss was about to give him a promotion Snoot woke with a start and scrabbled over his precious fruits anxious that some human was on their way to take away his hard work. Eventually the warm summer air and the darkness folded him back into slumber. From there his dreams were calmer and subdued.
    Snoot woke with the first bird calling. He stretched and yawned and sorted through his bag of tricks for the right spell to get him and his precious apples back into Fey, the land of the faeries. Little did Snoot know, but a squirrel also lived in that tree. And this squirrel was mighty hungry.
    Eventually Snoot found the spell and unraveled it. He sighed because he had forgotten how long and complicated it was. He started casting it and lost himself in the ritual that would take him home.
    While Snoot worked the squirrel quietly crawled his way down the inside of the empty trunk. As you know squirrels are a sneaky and immensely paranoid species.
    After several arduous minutes Snoot finished the spell. He wrapped the spell back into his bag and clapped his hands in satisfaction. He adjusted the bag’s straps and swished up some spit to activate the spell. He breathed a sigh of relief and hocked a big glop on to the floor. At the very same time the squirrel jumped out of the darkness and tackled one of the crab apples.
    Snoot screamed, but it was too late. The magic crackled around them and slipped them off to Fey.

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